Not just 'cause the cool kid's doin' it . . .

I'm not much of an LJ figure.
I have a few friends and acquaintances I adore.
I'm guilty of going AWOL with the demands or depression of real life and am therefore very appreciative of the friends who welcome me back from my trips astray.

This morning it fleetingly crossed my mind to lock my LJ in response to some recent, unrelated issues.  However, I sort of laughed at the notion, since the only ones reading my LJ are a few dears.

Well, apparently an online marketer is also reading my LJ. 

Having just considered locking my LJ this morning and dismissing the idea, I arrived home to find a response to an old post about depression in which I wrote two unrelated things:  Recovery from a bout of depression and my penchant for reading new HP releases the night they are released.

I made that post months ago and I just received a response to it titled "Depression" with this message:   I also overcome depression with reading my favorite books late at night.It's really relaxing.  It is signed with a name and a business website.

Creepy.  Just plain creepy.  I'm sure they just did a search on LJ for the word depression and then read enough to put together a "personal" message, but . . . *shudder*  Frickin' creepy.

Sooooo, that seems like a clear enough answer from the universe that I should lock my little LJ after all.
Seems kind of silly for a little low-profile LJ like mine, but I'm already peeved about sitting through commercials in movie theaters; I certainly don't want 'em on my LJ!!  

If you are not already a friend and wish to be, just let me know.