The World's Lamest LiveJournal

Don't say you haven't been warned . . .

6 December
To those reckless or bored enough to visit THE WORLD'S LAMEST LIVEJOURNAL, I humbly offer this manifesto:

I promise that this Live Journal shall remain as fabulously lame in the future as it is now.
I promise not to try to make it visually interesting through pathetic attempts at graphic greatness. No color. No pics. Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zero.
I promise to only make random entries of potentially little interest to anyone other than myself and the easily amused.
I promise that these random entries shall serve to try to get Moro started, just 'cause I like to see if I can.
I promise that there will be no links whatsoever, only because I'm too useless to create them.
I promise there will be no cohesiveness to the posts that I do make. Rickman? Sure. Anything else? It's all fair game.
I promise there will be no attempts at profound statements, although I do retain the right to engage in intelligent discussion on other forums, blogs, and journals as I do have a brain that enjoys the occasional spin around the block.

I assure you it will only get worse from here on out.

Consider yourself warned with affection-